Road Improvements and Remembering Pamela Carrillo

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There has been a lot of talk throughout the community, at our last council meeting and here on social media about the unfortunate loss of our local high school student, Pamela Carrillo. We have heard your concerns about the needs of light and street improvements throughout the city and the questions that have been asked why they not yet been funded, especially with the recent median and park improvements, city hall etc.   Unfortunately, the process for lights and sidewalks is long and brutal, but we have been working on it the last two years and are ready to begin in a few months. Although we are happy that area and many others are in process to be improved, we cannot imagine the pain that friends and family are feeling, and we want you to know you have our sympathy  and we want to ensure we do not lose another life.

I wanted to reach out to you all and ask in memory of Pamela, to not only know we have heard your concerns but ask for you all to reach out to us to let me know any area you wish to see improved throughout the city so we can ensure it is on our radar.

I have office hours every Tuesday at city hall on the corner of Palm and Pierson, and I am always available to talk via social media, phone or email.

My email is:

My phone number is: (760) 200-7428

Plans for the road improvements are here below:

Download the PDF.