Legal Use of Marijauna Starting January 1st, 2018.

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We have been getting a lot questions regarding California Proposition 64 and what exactly is legal and illegal in terms of recreational use of marijuana starting next year.

Chief Dale Mondary recently touched on this via Facebook:

“As most of you are aware effective January 1st, 2018, marijuana is legal for recreational use if you are 21 years old, or older. My friend Ted Mayrhofen suggested that I provide information to the public about where they can smoke marijuana. To that end….. the best rule of thumb is, you cannot smoke marijuana anywhere you cannot smoke tobacco. That means you cannot smoke in an indoor workspace, including bars. You also cannot smoke marijuana in a vehicle… PERIOD… You can’t smoke if you are the driver, or if you are the passenger. It does not matter if the vehicle is in motion or parked in the middle of the desert with no one within 20 miles of you. DON’T DO IT! You may smoke in the privacy of your own home if you are a homeowner. If you are a renter I would encourage you to check with your l andlord to determine if they will allow it. Additionally, check with your employer before lighting up on a break at work. Many businesses will forbid the use of marijuana on their property and the Courts have upheld their right to do so. Also, before you fire up your first joint check with your employer to determine if you fail a drug test will you still have a job. Even though marijuana will be legal in California the use is still illegal with some businesses.

Also, a fair warning to you and the local dispensaries. Before you purchase marijuana at a Desert Hot Springs dispensary ask them to show you their temporary certificate FROM THE STATE that allows them to sell. Without that approval, it is illegal for them to sell recreational marijuana and you risk the seizure of the product and they risk heavy fines and/or the seizure of their product and the revocation of their business license and Conditional Use Permit. While I offer congratulations to the marijuana industry for getting this measure passed and pray for the responsible use of the product by our citizens the Desert Hot Springs Police Department is not going to tolerate any nonsense from the use, sale, transportation or distribution of this product.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a SAFE and Happy New Year. If you have other questions I encourage you to look up California Proposition 64.”