I've known Scott since we served together on the Desert Hot Springs Public Safety Commission 20 years ago. He was then part of our DHS volunteer firefighters. He moved on to be elected to our city Council and then Mayor.

Scott cares about Desert Hot Springs! He is a lifelong resident and as Mayor he has brought stability to our town. He is a man of integrity who consistently upholds strong moral principles and values, even when faced with challenges or temptations to compromise. He is honest, trustworthy, and reliable in his words and actions, and he adheres to a sense of fairness, justice, and accountability in his dealings with others. He prioritizes doing what is right over personal gain or convenience, and his behavior is guided by a genuine concern for the well-being of others and the greater good of Desert Hot Springs.

Scott Matas has my vote for another term as Mayor of Desert Hot Springs.

Jeff Bowman
- President of Cabot's Museum Board of Directors
- Vice President Desert Water Agency Board of Director
- Former President of the Desert Hot Springs Historical Society
- Retired Spa Owner
- 20 Year DHS resident

- Jeff Bowman, Local Water Historian / Director